How to choose the best quality wooden furniture?


Are you bored looking at the same old furniture every day? Do you feel your furniture needs a makeover? You have come to the right place. Before purchasing a furniture you must be sure of its quality and durability. The material used, construction and finishing are the three important aspects based on which quality of a wooden furniture can be determined. Let's look a little more into these.

Material used

The wood used determines the durability of your furniture. Hardwood comes from deciduous trees like oak, maple, teak, walnut, and cherry. They are long lasting and can withstand high usage even with less care. Softwood made from coniferous trees are also good in quality but need more care. Though engineered wood is not so common these days, usage of high-quality veneers can give a long lasting furniture.


How a furniture has been constructed can tell a lot about the look, durability, and functionality. In joining, screws and glue can be used but not a staple. A sturdy piece of furniture will not squeak, twist or wobble.


Improper finishing can affect the overall quality of a furniture. A good furniture will be smooth when you run your hand over it. Inspect from different angles for scratches or dark lines across the surface produced because of sanding. High-quality staining can make a wood look like another one. Good finishing gives a smooth surface. The best pieces are properly done on the back and the sides.



The perfect dining table


The dining table is a crucial piece of furniture that brings the entire family together. From sharing about your day at work, kids chatting non-stop about activities at school to a formal dinner meeting with guests, everything happens at the dining table.


It is important to choose the perfect dining table as per your needs. Dining room furniture is one of our areas of expertise.


We have huge find best dining tables here for you to choose from. Let us see what you need to know before choosing one for your house.

Usage of the table

Do you want a dining table suitable for your everyday needs or a table that will be used mainly on special occasions? Durability and easy cleaning are the main priority if it is for your everyday needs. If the usage is once in while for a special occasion, then choose the most stylishly designed piece.


If you are looking for something that can also serve as a workstation, then you must choose the one with more space and durable surface.

Size of the table


If you are a small family or having less space to accommodate, then 2-4 seater is the ideal choice. If you are having more space and expecting guests quite often, 4-6 seater is a great option. 6-8 seater is the best bet for an investment.

Shape of the table

A rectangular dining table is used commonly. Many varieties are available in this shape and can easily fit into any space. A round or oval shape is space saving and comes with the flexibility of fitting more seats. Square shape gives an open and spacious feel. It is available with a variety of table top surfaces.

Dimensions of the table

The standard range of a dining table is 28”-30” tall. A good dining table must give you the best comfort. There should be enough room above the knee and the height should be about the same level as your elbows when you are sitting down. Wood finish gives warmth and texture to the table. It is a traditional style finish that has been used since years. A glossy or matte finish is easy to clean and gives a crisp look. A clear glass dining table gives for the open and modern setting.